Lead Screws

Introducing Lead Screws! Lead screws can add linear movement to your robot. The lead screws and axles have a 4mm diameter and are made from stainless steel. Gus Jansson created an XY table to show one use of the lead screw. Other uses include lifting an arm, elevating a platform, raising a scissor lift, and more. The lead screw has a 4mm pitch. In other words, the lead screw nut will move 4mm for every rotation of the lead screw. Lead screws are fast and precise.

See the Tips & Tricks Video #4 on our YouTube page for more. 


Enter The MATRIX: Learn more about DasBot!


UPDATE: DasBot Build Instructions are now available in our Robot Gallery! Did you catch “Enter The MATRIX” from the front page of SERVO Magazine? Ready to see what it took to build and program DasBot? Complete build instructions will be published shortly. For now, check out DasBot_Resources, which contains the programming for both the controller and DasBot. The programs were written in NXT-G.

Here are some teaser pics of DasBot’s inner workings:



Press Release: MATRIX Robotics introduces their new 3D build system

James Isom
MATRIX Robotics


For immediate release


MATRIX Robotics introduces their new 3D build system at FIRST® Worldwide Robotics Championship 

St Louis, MO., April 25, 2012 ― Today, on the opening day of the FIRST® Worldwide Robotics Championship in St Louis, MO, MATRIX Robotics unveiled their new 3 Dimensional building system and confirm it will be available to major international markets this summer.

‘This is an exciting new platform for robotics teams, not only because we think it’s the best complete metal building system, but because it gives teams a choice for the first time.’ says James Isom, of MATRIX Robotics, ‘It allows students more flexibility in deciding what kind of robot they want to build and that is what MATRIX is all about; empowering students, encouraging innovation and helping equip teams with the tools they need to build better robots.’

The MATRIX Robotics System is unique because:

  • The QUICK CONNECTOR prototyping system allows students to creatively explore design options in minimal time.
  • It is designed to be 100% LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ compatible, so users can easily transfer their programming and building knowledge from MINDSTORMS to an industry standard robotics system.
  • MATRIX stays in module with LEGO® Technic™ making it easy to combine the two systems.
  • It is programmable in NXT-G, LabView and C.
  • The basic set includes more than 1000 individual parts, including a MATRIX controller, two motors, two servers, four wheels, a battery and charger– all contained in a carrying case featuring sorting trays.

MATRIX Robotics will focus on international expansion in the 2012-13 FTC season, promising to deliver a high quality building system at a reasonable cost. The final pricing structure is expected to be available this summer.

About MATRIX Robotics

MATRIX Robotics was created in 2011 by a group of robotics enthusiasts and engineers who have spent more than 25 years working and playing with robots. The people at MATRIX set out to design the robotics system they have always wanted and the result is the MATRIX Robotics System; a high quality, affordable, 3 Dimensional building system.

The people at MATRIX Robotics created this innovative system because they believe that hands on robotics is a great way to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics and are committed to making robotics accessible to more students worldwide.

MATRIX products can be purchased through local distributors. For more information visit the MATRIX website at



Note to editors: High-resolution images of the MATRIX Robotics System are available upon request.


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