• Tenergy 6-15V NiMH/NiCad Smart Charger

    Charge 6-15V NiMH or NiCad batteries. Switchable 1A or 2A. Input voltage from 110 to 240VAC. Auto cut-off.


  • Standard Motor Kit

    9.7v DC motor with encoder prewired with connector for Matrix Controller, 1.4 kg-cm torque, 195 rpm. Includes: aluminum double flanged motor plate, four 4mm M3 button head cap screws for motor mounting, & a molded 4mm polycarbonate spacer.


  • Servo Ext. Wire Kit

    Give your servo some space to work beyond the basic wire length with our two extension wires. Includes: one 200mm ext. wire & one 450mm ext. wire


  • Power Switch Kit

    The power switch kit contains an on/off switch and wiring harness to connect between the battery and the MATRIX controller. The kit is fully assembled with a mounting bracket and wiring harness.


  • Matrix 9V Battery

    This 9.6v, 2400 mAh capacity, NiMH battery provides ample power for your heavy-duty MATRIX robot.


  • FTC Samantha Power Cable

    The FTC Samantha Power Cable powers the Samantha module formerly used in the FIRST FTC competition. It connects to the HiTechnic battery box providing reliable power from 6AA batteries.


  • Controller

    The Matrix Controller by HiTechnic connects to a LEGO NXT or EV3 allowing you to control up to four MATRIX servos and four MATRIX DC motors.


  • 12v 4mm Motor Kit with Powerpoles

    12v 4mm DC motor with a built in encoder, encoder wire, and Anderson Powerpoles. Mounting bracket included.


  • 12V 3000mAh NiMH Battery

    This size battery is the most popular battery for use in FIRST Tech Challenge. It has a Tamiya connector and a in-line 20A fuse.


  • Matrix MINI

    Matrix MINI is our new Robotic Controller.

    It has various IO so you can connect different motors and sensors. It has 2xDC motor ports, 4xRC motor ports, 4xDigital and 3xAnalog Input/Output ports, 2xRGB LEDs, 3xOnboard buttons and 4xI2C Extension ports.

    It’s Arduino-based controller, so you can use provided API to program it either in Arduino IDE or Scratch.

    Controller is fully-compatible with Matrix building system.

    Proceed to Downloads page to find latest Manuals and API’s

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