• 4 Hole Wheel – Part Pack


  • Axle Collar – Part Pack


  • High Torque Motor Kit


  • Omni Wheel Kit


  • Servo Kit


  • Matrix Tool Kit

    The Matrix tool kit includes one 7mm solid-shaft metric nutdriver, two 25° ball driver lengths – 2mm & 2.5mm, one 1.5 mm hex driver, & two metric combination wrenches – everything you need to build with ease!
  • Standoff Spacer Service Pack

    Zinc plated steel hex M4 stand-off posts. Includes 12 16mm posts and 12 32mm posts.


  • Quick Connect Service Pack

    Connect your robot design with Quick Connect rivets in 3 sizes. Allows for fast builds without the use of tools, perfect for classroom instruction and demonstration. These quick connects can be removed by pressing the pin out from the back and then reused. Short quick connect perfect for two layers of metal, medium white rivet for three layers of metal and the long black rivet for connecting one layer of metal to a LEGO® Technic™ beam.


  • Nylon Washer Service Pack

    Washers can be used as spacers between various parts. Shoulder washers are used to protect LEGO® parts from direct contact with screws.


  • Molded Spacer Pack

    A collection of 8mm and 4mm spacers to enable you to build mechanisms and keep your design on the Matrix 8mm grid. Includes: 12 x 8mm spacers & 12 x 4mm spacers


  • Lead Screw Kit

    Lead screws convert a turning motion into a linear motion, in other words take the rotational motion of a motor and convert it to a push or pull motion along the axis of the lead screw. The Matrix Lead Screws are perfect for creating a lifting mechanism to lift an arm or platform, a linear actuator, an XY table and many other structures where linear movement is required.

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