• MINI MR200

    Matrix MINI Robot Car Kit.


    80+ Included:

    Arduino Based Controller
    Basic Autonomous Car Kit
    Autonomous Sensor Package
    DC Motors

  • MINI MR100

    Starter Robot Set for Matrix MINI controller


    150+ Parts:

    Arduino Based Controller
    Gear Set
    Linkage Pack
    Linear Slide
    Tooth Belt
    Basic Autonomous Car Kit (MR200)
    Autonomous Sensor Package
    DC Motors

  • Matrix MINI

    Matrix MINI is our new Robotic Controller.

    It has various IO so you can connect different motors and sensors. It has 2xDC motor ports, 4xRC motor ports, 4xDigital and 3xAnalog Input/Output ports, 2xRGB LEDs, 3xOnboard buttons and 4xI2C Extension ports.

    It’s Arduino-based controller, so you can use provided API to program it either in Arduino IDE or Scratch.

    Controller is fully-compatible with Matrix building system.

    Proceed to Downloads page to find latest Manuals and API’s

  • KNRm RC Extension

    Your projects requires more RC motors? This I2C extension module allows you to connect 5 more Servos!

  • KNRm Electronics

    All KNRm compatible electronics in one package. Includes main controller, DC motors, RC Servos, Battery with charger, and Extensions.

  • KNRm Battery Pack

    Includes 4C 14.8 Lipo battery and a charger

  • KNRm Controller

    This myRIO based controller represents easy plug and play concept in robotics. Supports up to 4 DC motors, 2 RC motors + extensions, UART, Digital/Analog IO, LEDs and a button. Supports USB, so you can easily attach your camera or joystick to bring life to your new projects.

  • Lead Screw kit

    Explore new possibilities with this Lead Screw set. Lead screws convert a turning motion into a linear motion, working in a similar manner to the worm-gear. Great for any projects, involving linear motion.

  • KNRm DC motors

    Need more functionality on your KNRm? This set of three DC motors is exactly what you need!


    • 2x L DC motors (165r pm)
    • 1x M DC motor (425 rpm)
    • Cables
  • KNRm Robotics Set

    KNRm Robotics Set includes everything you need to start creating your robot right now.


    • KNRm controller (myRIO based)
    • 3x DC motors
    • 2x RC servos
    • Battery & charger
    • MATRIX parts to build your robots
  • MATRIX Competition Resource Set

    Our 3D build system just got bigger. Use the new C – Channel, XL Beams and Joiners to make your robots competition ready.

    Part Count: 350+

    Download the Inventory Sheet [.pdf]

  • MATRIX Classroom Resource Set

    Need extra parts to realize your new design? Expand your Base Set part count and build bigger and better robots with the Classroom Resource Set.

    Part Count: 500+

    • 2 x 96mm Wheels
    • Beams, Joiners & Plates
    •  Gears
    • Axles
    • Beams
    • Joiners
    • Plates
    • XL Beams & Joiners

    Download Inventory Card


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