MICRO (for micro:bit)

Cooperate with the robot education program to challenge all kinds of engineering applications in life, and to develop children’s ability to solve problems by themselves.

MINI (Arduino)

A flexible robot kit that allows kids to creatively build their own robot world. Integrate life technology and IT courses with Matrix components and programmable robot controllers.


KNRm Robotics Set includes everything you need to start creating your robot right now.


The MATRIX® FTC Challenge Set has over 700 MATRIX parts and perfectly compatible with the AndyMark® NeveRest Motors that Give your robot an absolute advantage in the FIRST Tech Challenge events. 


The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection – by MATRIX is the authorized collection for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition. 

Resource set

More is better. Expand your Base Set part count and build bigger and better robots with the MATRIX Resource Set.