Battery Mount

Learn about different ways to secure the battery to your robot. Three Keys: 1) Do not have sharp edges rubbing against the battery. 2) Keep it secure so it does not bounce around. 3) Mount it in a location to keep your center of mass in a good spot, low and closer to the drive …

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MATRIX Tips & Tricks: Episode 2 – Working with Angles

In this second episode of the MATRIX Robotics Tips & Tricks series our intrepid robot builder Gus Jansson talks about how using some simple geometry with MATRIX can make your robot designs stronger and even more interesting. For more information download the MATRIX Confluence Points worksheet: Download the Confluence Points Worksheet (.pdf)    Build the …

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MATRIX Walking

Adult Fan of LEGO and now new fan of MATRIX – Simon Burfield, has taken some of our gear and whipped up some fun little walkers with it. Cool stuff. We are looking forward to seeing more from Simon. Check out his other work at:

Enter The MATRIX: Learn more about DasBot!

  UPDATE: DasBot Build Instructions are now available in our Robot Gallery! Did you catch “Enter The MATRIX” from the front page of SERVO Magazine? Ready to see what it took to build and program DasBot? Complete build instructions will be published shortly. For now, check out DasBot_Resources, which contains the programming for both the controller …

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