MATRIX Base Set 2019


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We are pleased to announce to our friends and MATRIX users the release of the new MATRIX set, Matrix Base Set – 2019. The name of this new product is to pay tribute to the original Base Set which was released in 2014. We optimize the parts in the kit to increase the versatility and add many new parts that we’ve been developing over the years.
There are 4 main applications of the new Base Set
Mobile Robot Kinematics
Motion Control of an Omni directional Robot
Linear Motion Control – with MATRIX new Slides and Gear Racks
Speed Modulation with MATRIX Gear parts and Motors

If you are looking for robot designs to start with, here we have a 3-directional Omni Wheel Robot, and a Stacker Robot. Please note that these two robots are both controlled by Mini Controller.


Controller         one MATRIX Controller included, OPTIONAL PRODUCTS Matrix Mini 
Battery              none included
Parts                  Over 650 Mechanical parts
Servo                 two 17-335MG servo kits
DC Motor         3 MATRIX DC Motor (14-0001)
Wheels              two 96 mm wheels and 3 omni wheels
Dimension       the whole robot set is delivered with a plastic toolbox, 100 mm/ 100 mm/ 100 mm
Weight (Net)    1.5 Kg ± 0.1 KG
Materials          Aluminum, Plastic, Electronics