MATRIX has a few core concepts that will help you understand our build system. By understanding these basic
concepts you’ll be able to create well-engineered structures.

Building elements and their purpose

The MATRIX system consists of 4 classes of elements:  Beams, Joiners, Plates, and Fasteners.


One of two core structural elements in the MATRIX 3D Build System, beams are distinguished by their gold color. They come in variety of lengths and are available in two styles: L Beams and Flat Beams.

L-Beams: Used as primary structural

elements where strength is required.

Flat Beams: Good for low stress support

structures or as a spacer.


Joiners are the other basic element in the MATRIX building system and are important to creating well engineered structures. Joiners are silver and designed to fit inside L beams. There are 3 types of Joiners each with its own
designated role in creating different parts of a structure: Straight Joiners, 2D Joiners, and 3D Joiners.

Straight Joiner: Used to attach two

L-Beams together in a straight


2D Joiner: Used to attach two

L-Beams together at right angles.

3D Joiner: Used to attach L-Beams

along X, Y, and Z coordinates.

The following are examples of how L-Beams connect to each type of joiner. Note the hole pattern used for the screws. This assures that there is enough space for the nuts on the inside of the joiner.



There are two types of plates: Gusset Plates u0026amp; Flanged Plates

Gusset Plates: Gussets can be attached

between two beams to add structural

integrity to your build. They also make great

hosts for controllers, sensors and battery


Flanged Plates: Flanged Plates come in two

varieties long and short. They’re good for

structural braces and gear boxes.


There are two types of fasteners in the MATRIX 3D Build System, Quick Connectors for quickly prototyping your designs and Hex Nuts for use when you want to commit to your build.

Quick Connector – Short: Use to

connect 2 pieces of metal


Quick Connector – Medium: Use

to connect three pieces of metal


Quick Connector – Long: Use to go t

hrough a LEGO® beam and a

MATRIX part.

Standard Hex Nut: Use in low

stress instances.

Hex Nut w/Toothed Washer: Use

in high stress instances.

Hex Nut w/Nylon Lock Insert: Best

used when attaching plastic to


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