Intro - Matrix MINI

MINI is a programmable microcontroller development board based on Arduino platform. As a member of Matrix Robotics, MINI is the first module suitable for all ages due to its variety of programming interfaces. Here we provide the step-by-step tutorial allows you to learn how to program MINI and build a robot with it. Let’s get started!

Getting Started

There are plenty of ways to program MINI: Virtual Programming Interfaces such as ScratchX, mBlock, S4A; the original Arduino C language Integrated Development Environment. Before we decide which interface we’re using, we need to make sure that the USB driver of MINI is properly installed in your PC or laptop. (If you prefer using smartphones or pads, please set up the Bluetooth communication in stead.)

Install USB Driver

You can program MINI through the serial communication, which is the USB serial COM port of your PC. The following installation guide is intended for installing MINI’s USB driver (CDM driver for FT230X) on XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. Please connect MINI to a spare USB port on your PC.

  1. Windows Update
    If there is an available internet connection, Windows will automatically connect to the Windows Update website and install the suitable driver.


  2. Download and Run setup.exe
    The driver is also available as a setup.exe from the FTDI Website, and you may also download the USB driver via our downloads/matrix-mini page. After you download the file, right-click setup.exe and select ‘Run as administrator’  as shown below.

    Follow the installation instructions of the device driver installation wizard.

  3. Manually Instal


  4. Please visit for more installation guides.


  5. Finally, please open the device manager in your PC, and remember the number of the USB COM port. Your PC will recognize MINI as the same port each time when MINI is connected.

Choose Your Favorite Programming Interface

MINI supports 3 major programming interfaces.