MATRIX Classroom Resource Set


貨號: 97-2001 分類:

Need more parts? More is better. Expand your Base Set part count and build bigger and better robots with the Classroom Resource Set.
•Over 450 parts •Wheels •Beams & Joiners •Gears •XL Beams & C -Channel


Controller        none included

Battery             none included for overseas deliveries

Parts                 Over 450 Mechanical parts

Servo                 none included

DC Motor         none included

Wheels              two 96 mm Wheels

Dimension       the whole robot set is delivered with a carton, 100 mm/ 100 mm/ 100 mm

Weight (Net)    1.5 Kg ± 0.1 KG

Materials          Aluminum, Plastic, Electronics

重量 10000 g
尺寸 36.5 × 31.5 × 34 cm